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How To Hang The Perfect Gallery Wall

One of our favorite ways to add visual interest – and display an art collection? Adding a gallery wall. But before you start hanging, there are a few things you should know to keep your artwork balanced – and looking its best. So let a pro like Bobby be your guide- as he shares how to hang the perfect gallery wall!

Not sure how to make your gallery wall look great? Let Bobby show you how (literally). We got a huge response on Instagram when Bobby shared these tips, so now we’re resharing all the illustrated steps you need – and the helpful tips to know for a stress-free installation. So keep scrolling to learn how to hang the perfect gallery wall from Bobby himself – and shop some of our favorite art from Shutterfly too.




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How To Hang The Perfect Gallery Wall

Photo: 3M

Before You Get Started

For an easier way to hang your art, use Bobby’s foolproof method. Instead of using nails, simply apply command strips to the back of the artwork. Apply 4 strips to each side and press firmly to make sure your artwork is secure (they will hold artwork up to 16 lbs). You won’t damage your walls, and it’s way easier than a hammer and nails.


Before hanging your gallery wall, arrange all your artwork on the floor. This will help you to see all the pieces together, balance the art and make any adjustments prior to installing.

Watch Bobby show you how it’s done! See him hang this gallery wall on Instagram.