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The 8 Spots In Your Home You Might Be Forgetting To Clean (But Definitely Shouldn’t!)


Even with regular scrubbing, there might be some spots in your space that aren’t quite getting the necessary attention. So we’re showing you the 8 spots you might be missing – and how to easily get them looking spotless with the help of Swiffer.   

Certain areas of your home might be out of sight – or out of mind. And if you’re not seeing or thinking about them, well, you’re probably not cleaning them either. But once you know where you really need to dust, sweep, or mop, it’s a cinch to keep them totally tidy.


Keep scrolling to see Bobby tackle 8 common areas you should be cleaning…plus the Swiffer products you need to get the job done!



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Under Your Furniture

Dirt loves to hide in those hard-to-reach places (like under your furniture). Send it packing with just a few swipes of the Swiffer WetJet.

Above Cabinets 

The open space between your cabinets and the ceiling is the perfect place for dust to accumulate out of sight. But a quick dusting with the Swiffer Duster six-foot Super Extender helps get rid of pesky dust!

Behind Your Toilet

It’s not the most pleasant place to think about, but the area around your toilet is probably not as clean as it could be. A little bit of mopping with Swiffer Sweeper wet cloths can grab those particles and leave your throne looking like new!

Inside Cabinets 

It’s not just the area above your cabinets that needs a good cleaning – it’s also inside. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, pop open the doors and drawers and collect that dust.

Your TV Screen

You might not have seen that dust on your screen. But just turn off your favorite show and you’ll see plenty of particles clinging. Luckily, they can be gone in seconds with the help of a Swiffer Duster.

Your Shower Walls

You may not have thought of Swiffer as a product that you can use in the shower, but using a Swiffer Sweeper wet cloth on your tiled walls can be a quick way to tidy up.

On Top Of  Light Fixtures 

Those light fixtures overhead are hiding a dirty little secret – dust! So make quick work of making them look like new with a duster that easily locks in debris.

On Open Shelving

Open shelving is an attractive option in any interior, but it’s also going to get covered in airborne particles. A few quick swipes with a Swiffer Duster will grab them – and keep your shelves looking stylish.