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This Feature At Casa Tierra Inspired The Newest Design Trend

Photo: Sara Tramp

Our Casa Tierra project is full of inspiring design. And one element, in particular, has also inspired the newest design trend! This organic feature pops up more than once at the property – and might just be the next thing you want to add to your own home!

So what is this new trend? It’s called “Plastered-In Decor”. Living Etc coined the term to refer to creating built-in features that are covered in plaster to blend in with the walls and add architectural interest. From seating to shelving to cabinetry, this look is all about seamless organic modern appeal- something we captured perfectly at Casa Tierra. And we’re about to show you 3 ways you can bring the newest design trend into your interiors too!




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Plastered-In Seating 

In the living room, we created a custom plastered-in sofa that seamlessly connected to the textured walls – and provides tons of seating. By adding built-in side tables too, this sofa feels like a solid architectural element in the space, with surface area for displaying accessories. And pairing the seat cushions with lots of plush pillows also ensured this area is extra comfy.


Plastered-In Shelving

A blank wall in the dining room turned into a true focal point – courtesy of simple and stylish plastered-in shelving. It created depth and visual interest, plus a spot for us to display a collection of ceramics. The arched design also adds some organic softness to the room and mimics the shape of an arched window in the kitchen.

Not able to create a custom “plastered-in” look in your home?
Try these plaster accessories to bring in the same look – with no construction required!

Photo: Chad Mellon
Design: Lindye Galloway


Plastered-In Kitchens

To bring in a unique and eye-catching look, consider a custom plaster hood over your range. This gorgeous curved hood adds an understated yet striking addition to this kitchen. A plaster option can also be translated into a number of styles, from organic modern to traditional, to Spanish, rustic, or farmhouse.


  1. Bobby, I love this plastered in look, especially the range hood. I was hoping for some info on how this is done. I assume that it starts with a plywood base, but a show and tell would make this a fascinating post. Additionally, I’ve seen the plaster look paint, which another post on would be fun.

    1. I love the look too! You can watch this guide to learn the specifics of how to create a plaster range hood. Will keep a plaster paint post in mind for the future! Thanks for your comment. xx -B