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The New Interior Design Books That Will Help Get You Inspired

Creating a beautiful space that feels like a reflection of you is the ultimate goal for any interior. But how exactly do you make that happen? Besides checking out all our best design tips, you can also turn the pages on one of our favorite resources – design books.  And today, we’re highlighting some of the best new interior design books to guide you in the design process, give you plenty of tips, and, most importantly, inspire your space! 

Whether you are looking to give your space an update, a full makeover, or design a brand new home, these written resources will offer you advice, insight, and loads of inspiration. Get ready to discover how to make every room (including your outdoor space) stylish and functional  –  with our picks for the 6 best new interior design books. 



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Feels Like Home


Home is so much more than just a physical place. And this beautiful book helps advise you on creating the emotional connection between how we decorate our homes and our personal wellbeing.



The New Design Rules


Looking for a complete guide to a room refresh or renovation? Designer and blogger Emily Henderson explains all the design rules you need to know about for every aspect of your home.


Big Thrift Energy


If you’re a fan of vintage and want to know how to best incorporate it into your home, this is the book for you. You’ll also learn where to shop, how to upcycle objects, and the best items to buy used.


Style: The Art Of Creating A Beautiful Home


Grab this guide to learn all the secrets to styling your home. It will teach you how to decorate with what you already own, connect with your personal style, and master the art of visual storytelling through objects and decor.


Take It Outside 

BY Mel Brasier, Garrett Magee & James DeSantis 

The designers behind Manscapers (and the TV show Backyard Envy) have created an all-encompassing guide to all things outdoors. You’ll learn how to maximize any size backyard, choose the right greenery, and create the oasis you’ve always wanted.




Utilizing 5 easy steps, this professional home organizer breaks down how to create a more organized and appealing home. Learn to trim your belongings and find just the right amount of items to create a space that looks and feels like home.


Do you have another favorite design book? Let us know in the comments below.