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6 Things To Declutter Before Fall (And Get Organized For A New Season)

Photo: Family Handyman, Lark & Linen, Martha Stewart

Even though temperatures are still soaring and it certainly feels like summer, the truth is, Fall is just around the corner! But before you pull out your sweaters, you’ll want to ensure certain items are in order and tucked away until next year. That’s why we’re sharing the 6 things to declutter before fall – for an organized way to welcome the new season. 

A new season is a perfect time to assess items in your home, declutter, and get your space organized. And we’re showing you exactly what you should be pairing down and storing away as summer comes to a close. Here are the 6 things to declutter before fall, along with Bobby’s tips for the best methods to get your home in order.


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1. Summer Clothing 

When temperatures start to cool, it’s time to pack away your tank tops sunhats, and shorts until next summer (vacuum seal bags are a great hack to make room). Take some time to go through your warm-weather wardrobe and donate or sell any items you no longer wear.


2. Outdoor Toys & Equipment 

Sort through pool toys, games, outdoor pillows, and backyard accessories, organizing them together so you can easily locate them for next summer. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean them off before storing them to ensure no mildew or bugs get packed too.

3. Sunscreen & Beauty Products

From sunscreen to moisturizer, you probably have lots of products in your bathroom designed for sunnier days. Now’s the time to toss any empty bottles and check expiration dates, while tucking away any items you won’t be using for a few months.



4. Gardening & Lawn Supplies

With Autumn approaching, anything you used for summer planting is ready for a break. Any tools, planters, or extra bags of soil can be organized and set aside in the garage until next spring.


5. The Garage

As the epicenter of much outdoor summer activity, your garage probably got a lot of use. So while the weather is still warm, give this area a once over, removing anything not being used and decluttering and organizing anything that’s gotten tossed into a corner.



6. Outdoor Gear 

It’s time to pack up all the ephemera that help us enjoy the outdoors, like camping supplies, beach gear, and folding chairs. Do an inventory now to see if anything is damaged or needs to be replaced prior to next year’s fun.