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10 Dorm Room Storage Ideas You Should Add To Your Home

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Dorm rooms aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of design inspiration. But when it comes to smart storage ideas, these compact co-ed spaces are the perfect place to start. From closets to desks to under beds, we’ve compiled 10 dorm room storage ideas that will help you optimize and organize your own home! 

You don’t have to be heading back to college to take advantage of these clever storage ideas. In fact, any space can benefit from products designed to keep students organized. We’ve compiled 10 of the smartest storage ideas that will optimize square footage, utilize unused areas, and get your space in order. So grab your backpack as we share the dorm room storage ideas you should add to your home (starting at $14)!



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Double-Sided Rolling Shoe Rack 

Don’t have enough room for all your fancy footwear? This double-sided rack can be rolled into a closet or tucked in a corner and provides ample space for up to 30 pairs!



Stackable Storage Boxes

Create stackable storage anywhere with these 13″ wide plastic boxes. From closets to pantries to desktops, this is a clever solution – that also folds completely flat when you don’t need it.

Underbed Fabric Bin With Lid

Whether it’s tucked under a dorm bunk or your queen-sized bed, these slim fabric bins can provide tons of extra storage for off-season clothing, extra bedding, or any other treasures you want to tuck away.



Mesh Wall Organizer

When surface space is limited (like a pint-sized student desk) look to your wall for extra room. This organizer offers 3 bins to stash pens, post-its, and more – and keeps your desktop or counter clutter-free.





Door Hanging Laundry Bag

Dorm living is all about optimizing underutilized areas. And this smart hanging laundry bag helps your free up precious floor space by moving a bulky hamper to the back of your door.



Skinny Storage Cart

This slim cart (measuring just 6″ wide) makes it easy to add functional storage to a narrow nook in any bathroom, kitchen, or office.

Accessories Holder

Here’s one convenient organizer that can do it all. It’s adept at holding everything from desktop accessories to electronics to sunglasses and will keep your essentials easily accessible.

Adjustable 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

What sets this closet organizer apart? You can fully adjust the fabric shelves to better fit whatever you need to store, plus it features a shelf on the top perfect for everyday accessories.



Entryway Organizer With Hooks

You’ll never misplace your student id or keys again thanks to this convenient wall-mounted entry organizer. It has plenty of hooks for hanging, along with a built-in storage bin for any extra ephemera.

Underbed Rolling Storage Box

For an even easier way to stash items under a bed, just add this storage box. It features a set of wheels so it can be easily rolled out when you need it – and slid back under when you don’t!