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How Beyoncé’s Album ‘Renaissance’ Is Inspiring A New Interior Design Style

When Beyoncé’s album comes out, you can definitely expect something special – that everyone will be talking about. And her newest record is no exception. ‘Renaissance’ is full of genre-breaking bangers and songs that you can’t help but dance to (in fact, we’re jamming to it while we write this!) But In addition to the music, she’s also released a series of photos that captures the spirit of the album – and may have also created a whole new interior design style! 

Decked out in a cowboy hat and lingerie and surrounded by sparkling mirror-covered walls (or astride a mirrored horse), Bey is mixing lots of references to create a new style we’re calling Disco Western. A little bit rodeo, a little bit 70s, and a whole lot of swag make this a style that only an iconic entertainer could conjure up. And we’re showing you how to bring a bit of the superstar’s sparkle and disco design and into your own space! Keep scrolling to see more pics from Beyoncé’s album, and discover how we would interpret Disco Western in an interior. 



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What do you think of Disco Western – and Beyoncé’s new album? Let us know in the comments below!