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Inside A Day In The Life Of Bobby Berk

Photo: Sara Tramp

Have you ever wondered how a design pro like Bobby spends a typical day – when he’s not creating a life-changing makeover on Queer EyeWell, you’re about to find out, as we go behind the scenes (and into his home) to bring you all the details of a day in the life of Bobby Berk. Take it away Bobby!  

While some of my days can be totally jampacked, a typical day at home in LA follows a routine pattern for me. Recently, Us Weekly tagged along for a behind-the-scenes tour of my life, from the moment I wake up, to my preferred morning beverage, to how I stay fit and focused while working. And I spilled just about everything you’ll want to know (including a video tour!)



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7:00 AM | Self-Care Routine

I’m really focused on taking care of myself – and that starts as soon as I wake up. I drink a large glass of water, wash my face, trim my beard, and put on moisturizer and sunscreen. And since my husband Dewey is an oral surgeon, we take extra care of our teeth by using Sensodyne’s Nourish Healthy White.

8:00 AM | Morning Coffee

I definitely need my caffeine fix to really get my day going. And no matter the season or weather, I always prefer a cold brew coffee. When I’m out and about, I’ll grab a coffee to go, but when at home, I rely on the Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker for a perfectly chilled cup every time.

9:00 AM | Doggy Playtime

Now it’s time to take my mini Labradoodle, Bimini, out for a walk. She absolutely loves to play, so sometimes we’ll hop in the car and head to the local dog park to play fetch and enjoy some doggie socializing before I start the workday.

12:00 PM | Daily Workout

After a few hours of work calls, checking emails, and design meetings, I’m ready to de-stress and burn some calories. I’m fortunate to have a gym at home, so I just have to step outside to get started. My trainer, Zach, is always switching up my workouts and focusing on different exercises to keep things interesting for me.

Check out this video tour where Bobby shows Us Weekly his daily routine!

2:00 PM | Working On Products

After a quick lunch (usually consisting of a salad or bowl), it’s back to work. I’ll usually meet with my team to have a brainstorming session, discuss the status of design projects, and review my product lines – including my new rug collection with Karastan.

7:00 PM | An Evening Hike 

The workday wraps up for me around 6, and I usually take a little time to myself to relax and decompress. Then Dewey, Bimini, and I will take a short hike to see the sunset. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with my fam and enjoy a bit of nature (that’s just a few hundred yards from our front door).

Well, that’s my day! Have a question about any other part of my daily routine? Leave a comment below.