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These 6 Smart Products Will Add Extra Function To Any Kitchen (All For Under $50)

There are endless gadgets, gizmos, and tools you can incorporate into your kitchen. But to add an extra level of functionality – and ease – to everyday tasks, we suggest seeking out kitchen products that are also seriously smart. With a bit of built-in technology, a common item can go from effective to totally irreplaceable. And we’ve found 6 smart kitchen products that will do just that (and more). 

Whether it’s cooking, keeping clean, or just getting more function out of your space, these smart products should definitely be a part of your kitchen. (And since they’re all reasonably priced, there’s no reason they can’t be!) So you know the deal – keep scrolling to see and shop them all.



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Smart Soap Dispenser 

Sure, you’ve probably seen an automatic soap dispenser before, but this model has a special feature that really sets it apart. It has a built-in 20-second timer that lights up to let you know exactly how long you should be washing your hands. And if that isn’t smart enough, it can also connect to Amazon Echo and play a song snippet, tell a joke, or share a fact while you’re properly scrubbing.


Motion Sensor Kitchen Garbage Can

Hands-free technology is a smarter way to keep your kitchen surfaces clean. And this motion sensor trash can means you never have to use sticky fingers to open the lid ever again. Just wave your hands over it and the lip pops up (and closes automatically) for easy disposal. And unlike pricier models, this $44 can means you will only be throwing away trash – not money.

Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights

Don’t get left in the dark (literally) when it comes to smart kitchen lighting. This set of wireless LED lights makes adding functional and stylish under cabinet lighting a cinch. Just stick on these strips to illuminate and elevate your kitchen – and use the included remote to brighten for cooking and dim when you want a more ambient atmosphere.



Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

If you’re relying entirely on bottled water for drinking, there’s a smarter way to quench your thirst. This faucet-mounted filter can be installed in just a few minutes in your kitchen, and instantly reduces over 70 contaminants in your water. Just replace the compact filter after 3 months of use, and continue enjoying, clean great-tasting water.



Digital Kitchen Scale & Measuring Cup

If you’re a serious chef or a busy at-home baker, this two-in-one tool might just be your digital kitchen dream. It allows you to quickly (and exactly) measure anything – liquids, flour, recipe ingredients – and easily convert cups to ounces. Then by removing the measuring cup, you have a handy kitchen scale too.


Digital Meat Thermometer

Besides providing you with an exact temperature reading of your roast, this meat thermometer also has a clever feature. Instead of having to pull the meat out of the oven to check the temperature, you can simply insert the metal probe (which is attached by a 47″ cord) and view the display outside the oven. And don’t worry about anything being overdone – just set the alarm to reach a target temperature and it will beep once ready.