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Bobby’s Five Favorite… Ways To Treat Your Four-Legged Friends

Photo: Sara Tramp

We have lots of meaningful relationships in our lives – but there’s just no match for the special bond that’s created with our four-legged friends. They’re by our sides through the good and bad, offering unconditional love (usually in exchange for treats). So to return the favor, show your pet some affection – with one of Bobby’s favorite dog or cat accessory. 


Whether you have a fancy feline or pampered pup (or just want to treat your fur baby) check out these products that will get their tails wagging (all for under $50)!



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For Polished Pups

A Bed Made For Getting Cozy

Show your pup they’re top dog with a cuddly faux fur bed. The donut shape makes it so easy for them to get comfortable, they probably won’t want to get up (unless the doorbell rings that is).



BUY HERE for $30






A Sculptural Tug Toy

It’s no secret dogs love to play tug. So instead of using your missing sock, give them this sculptural toy to grab onto.



BUY HERE for $20

A Stylish Sweater 

Your pooch will love to strut their paws down the sidewalk in this fun sweater (And since they’re a star, you can also add a monogram so everyone knows their name.)



BUY HERE for $45






A Cuter Collar Tag

Give their collar something extra special with this hand-stamped brass tag. Besides helping to keep them identified (should they ever leave your side) it will really set your pooch apart from the pack.



BUY HERE for $37





A Better Way To Take A Walk

Man’s best friend deserves a dog-gone good looking leash. So make every walk a little better with this stylish and durable braided rope (that will also withstand any chewing or sudden tugging from you know who).



BUY HERE for $19






For Fancy Felines

A Better Place To Do Their Business

When your feline friend is ready to, well you know, give them a litter box that’s a little more stylish. A top entry on this option helps keep your floors clean (and gives puss some privacy). And with over 600 positive reviews, it’s definitely the pick of the litter.



BUY HERE for $25




A Cooler Cat Scratcher

Even the coolest cat needs a spot to sink its claws into. So opt for this sculptural scratcher (that also doubles as a spot to leisurely louge) and keep those claw marks off your furniture.


BUY HERE for $50




A Toy That’s A Treat

Your kitty can be a real tease – especially when you’re waving around this classic catnip-infused toy that will have them playing, pouncing, and entertained for hours.



BUY HERE for $5




A Purr-fect Food Bowl 

We’re not saying this is the purrfect food bowl, but it comes pretty close. The pair of stainless steel servers are perfectly angled to the ergonomics of your kitty, making every meal totally meow-worthy.



BUY HERE for $24




A Collar With A Nice Ring To It

Keeping tabs on your tabby is a lot easier with a collar that jingles. This simple braided style will also make sure he looks good – wherever he may be hiding.



BUY HERE for $10


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