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Adele’s Done It Again: Did She Just Influence How We Will Be Decorating This Year?

Photo: Columbia Records

Is there anything Adele can’t do? After releasing a music video that predicted the newest interior trend, a #1 album, and an iconic concert special, she’s back with even more visual and auditory inspiration. And now, she might just be showing us all how we’ll be sitting in 2022.    

Adele’s newest video for “Oh My God” captures a moody black and white sweeping shot, with the singer intermingling with a cast of characters. But what captured our attention was the mix of classic dining chairs featured throughout. Spaning design eras and styles, the chairs act as props, perches (and yes, even get set on fire near the end).


But a collection of different chairs isn’t just for a music video. It’s also an ideal way to add character and an eclectic mix to your dining room table too. And as this video continues to rack up views, we predict it might just be another new design trend courtesy of the superstar singer.



Want to see how you can incorporate a mix of chairs inspired by the “Oh My God” video into your dining room? Keep scrolling for all tips and our picks – and watch the inspiration for it all below. 

Design: McGee & Co.
Design: Elena Lohse

Bobby’s Tips For Using Mismatched Chairs  


1. Stick to Chairs That Are All Similar Heights

You don’t want one diner to be sitting higher or lower than everyone else. So make sure all seat heights are similar.


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Styles

As long as the shapes are complementary (curves or straight lines paired with similar) or color tones are similar,  you can mix in different styles and periods.



3. Opt For Pairs

Using a pair of each style will add a bit more continuity – and keep your table from feeling completely random. 


4. Use A More Substantial Style For The Ends of Table 

For a more balanced approach, use one style for the sides of the table and another for the ends of the table. You can opt for a heavier feeling chair or armchair for the ends to bring in some visual weight.