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The 5 Incredibly Useful Apps Bobby Loves (And You Should Download)

There are lots of ways to make your life easier – and some of them are just a download away! Now there’s an app for just about anything and everything you need a hand with. And we’re showing you the 5 that Bobby’s found the most useful (and you’ll definitely want to download them ASAP).


Want to fine-tune your photos? Get fit? Plan your space? Or maybe even see what the stars have in store? There’s an app for all of it. Keep scrolling to see all of Bobby’s favorites (and how he’s using them to make life a little easier).



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A More Intuitive To-Do List

There’s a better way to get organized and keep track of everything you need to get done (especially if your to-do list involves scribbling on a scrap of paper). Todoist is the all-in-one tool you need for 21st Century life and an app that helps keep Bobby’s busy schedule in order. You can quickly and easily create new tasks, organize them and prioritize them so you’re always on top of things. Plus, the app can sync across all your devices, meaning you’ll always know what you need to do – wherever you are.


Download Todoist HERE


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A Modern App For Astrology

You might not consider astrology the most useful thing, but it’s certainly a fun way to learn more about what makes you, you. And Co-star is one app that will give you way more insight than a standard horoscope. By entering the city, date, and time you were born, it creates a custom zodiac chart that breaks down all (and we do mean all) of your personality traits, showing you what to focus on (and what you might need to work through). And with a simple and modern design, it especially appeals to a Virgo perfectionist like Bobby.


Download Co-Star HERE


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An Effective Way To Workout

Finding the motivation to get moving is always a challenge – and especially so when gym use is limited and the weather outside is limiting. So while he was stuck at home, Bobby turned to Workout Trainer to discover a wide array of workouts that can be done anywhere. The easy-to-use interface lets you pick an exercise routine that will work for you (with many that require no equipment) with step-by-step videos and a built-in timer for each move. There are even specific programs that will guide you through a month of targeted workouts (and definitely get you sweating).


Download Workout Trainer HERE


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A Better Way To Envision Your Space

Sometimes, envisioning exactly how something will look in a room requires more than your imagination (even for a seasoned pro like Bobby). So when he needs a visual hand, he turns to Homestyler – and lets the app take it from there! Simply snap a photo of your space and add in a 3-D version of any furnishing from the thousands of options in the product library. From there you can re-size, adjust, and build out a room that you love- with just a few clicks.


Download Homestyler HERE


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An All-In-One Design Dream 

If you don’t consider yourself a designer, maybe it’s because you just haven’t found the right canvas – or Canva. This is the app that lets you design everything from an Instagram post to an invoice to an in-depth presentation (with no training or special skills required). It’s full of smart-looking templates, graphics, and features that will turn minimal effort into maximum impact. It’s also proven so easy (and useful), that the whole Bobby Berk team has now become converts – and you will too!


Download Canva HERE


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