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4 Genius Smart Home Products That Will Change Your Home (And Life) For Under $30

A stylish home is great, but a stylish home that’s also smart? Well, that’s even better! And it’s easier than ever to make your home totally technologically advanced without spending a lot. In fact, we’ve found 4 genius smart products that really will change your home (and probably your life) – all for under $30!  

These smart home products will really make your home a whole lot more connected. And they just happen to be totally affordable – with one item coming in at a staggeringly low $12! So don’t miss out, grab these items today and bring smart technology to your space!



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Smart Plug

So what exactly makes a smart plug so appealing? It’s a super affordable way to turn any regular outlet into a plug that can be turned on from anywhere. It also enables you to set a schedule for an item to turn on or off daily (like a lamp, fan, or phone charger) and connect to any other smart device seamlessly.

Smart Light Bulb

Once you go smart bulb, you’ll never want to flip a switch again! This bulb has all the benefits of a dimmable LED, plus the ability to adjust to an array of colors (perfect for setting a mood in the evening or unwinding to soothing shades after a long day). And besides being able to turn on this bulb with just a click on your phone, you can also connect to Alexa or Google Assitant for a voice-activated option.



Smart Security Camera

Whether you want to keep your home safe or keep tabs on a new puppy, a smart camera can definitely come in handy. And this super affordable option is full of all the features you could possibly want, including 8x zoom, 350-degree pan, a built-in microphone, and night vision. And most importantly, it connects to an app on your phone, so you can always have eyes and ears on what’s going on at home.


Smart Light Switch

This smart best-seller is another way to use tech to turn off and on your lights. While it still functions as a standard dimmer switch, it also gives you the option to use a timer or countdown to automatically turn on and off while you’re home or away. You can also enable away mode to randomly switch lights on and off for added security.