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The 5 Genius Products That Every Bathroom Needs

Did you know you spend nearly 182 hours in the bathroom each year? With that much time devoted to brushing, showering, and well, you know, it’s certainly worth making your bathroom a room that really works for you. So we’re sharing 5 genius products that can improve even the most mundane bathroom activities (and you’ll want to add immediately).  

You don’t need a full makeover to make your bathroom work better for you and your family. In fact, We’ve found 5 products that will add a whole lot of function to your shower, toilet, or sink – starting at just $10. So keep scrolling to discover – and shop – them all.



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Toilet Paper Foam Spray

If you’re still using traditional toilet paper alone, you’re missing out on a fresher way to wipe. This ingenious Qleanse spray allows you to turn a simple piece of toilet paper into a foaming wipe (and a real savior for your backside). Plus, the convenient holder hangs from your TP roll, placing the spray right where you need it.


Tube Squeezer

You know the feeling. You grab your toothpaste, lotion, or face cream only to discover the tube is almost depleted – and inaccessible no matter how you maneuver it. But with this tube squeezer, you’ll be able to access every last drop. Just place the tube into the holder, turn the key, and out comes the product – saving you effort (and money).


Drain Protector

If clumps of hair have ever clogged your drains, this simple solution is here to save you from a whole lot of hassle. The sink shroom is a clever contraption that captures hair, debris, or anything else that may be headed down the drain (before it leads to an annoying clog). And thanks to the included adapters, it works for virtually any size drain too.

Showerhead Speaker

Singing in the shower just got even easier – and more fun! Because this showerhead has a secret: a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can enjoy your favorite tunes pumped right into the shower while scrubbing away.  And as a bonus, the speaker attaches magnetically to the showerhead, and can be removed and used anywhere in the house!


Squatty Potty

When it comes to #2s, this product is definitely the #1 thing you need in your bathroom. The Squatty Potty sits right in front of your toilet, helping to naturally align your colon, for a healthier and more comfortable way to go to the bathroom.  And this attractive teak version is also stylish enough to leave on display (even when you’re not sitting down).