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Bobby’s Five Favorite… Storage Ideas (You May Not Have Thought Of)

Photo: DFW Child

We’re always on the lookout for the newest – and smartest – storage ideas. And sometimes, that requires a little bit of thinking outside the bin. So for solutions that aren’t so straightforward, we’re sharing 5 of Bobby’s best organization ideas that you may not have thought of (but will definitely want to add to your home). 


You can expect big results from these unexpected storage solutions. By simply using an item in a different way, it’s easy to maximize space and make better use of each and every inch. So keep scrolling to see all of Bobby’s best ideas (and shop them all – for under $15).



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Hanging Storage That Holds So Much More

Hanging organizers are certainly handy. (Which is why almost all of us have one.). But they’re packed with so much more purpose than just stashing your favorite sneakers or sweaters. The multiple pockets are totally ideal for all sorts of everyday items, from cleaning supplies to tools to kid’s treats. So if your space is short on shelving, try adding one in a hall closet, on the back of a laundry room door, or even a pantry – and see the possibilities you have in store.


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Photo: Ikea

String Bags To The Rescue! 

The simple string bag is more than your favorite farmers’ market tote. It’s also an inventive way to keep bulky items bundled together. You can easily corral kids’ toys, store produce, or make a space for that multi-pack of toilet paper. And once you’ve got them full, simply hang from any hook – making everything inside easily accessible, without taking up any valuable shelf space.


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Overhaul A Hanging Rod 

The purpose for a hanging rod seems pretty straightforward: strictly shower curtains and closets, right. But when you look a little lower, you’ll find that the inside of a cabinet also makes a compelling case to hang out. Adding a tension rod under a sink is a simple solution to storing spray bottles that would otherwise fill lots of square footage. Just tuck any cleaning supplies with a spray handle over the rod, and they’ll be ready to grab when the next spill happens (and they will happen).



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Repurpose A Silverware Organizer

A standard silverware organizer is full of organization opportunities – besides separating knives and forks. In fact, you can use it in just about any drawer to divide items. It’s a better system for sorting everything from batteries to beauty supplies, keeping craft items uncluttered, and it even works when mounted on the wall as a handy way to hang necklaces! Bobby likes to always have an extra on hand too (in case he needs to divide and conquer clutter).



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Photo: Ikea

Contain More Under Cabinets 

Sure, cabinets offer plenty of room for our belongings. But did you realize the space under cabinets and shelves is just as useful? Simply adding a hanging drawer (that easily mounts to the shelf itself) can supplement your storage – and fill space that would otherwise be totally empty. They’re great for everyday items in the kitchen ( like Keurig cups), for stashing snacks in a pantry, or even for creating an extra drawer at a desk.


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  1. Tension rods do NOT work under a cabinet, not strong enough, i tried heavy bottles make it fall……rod shown is screwed into cabinent walls

  2. Brilliant as always! I like the idea of using the string bags to group items together

  3. Thanks Bobby! I was just rewatching Marie Kondo on Netflix and this ties perfectly with my reorganizing 🙂

  4. Thanks for these ideas!! I wonder if you have any ideas for how to store all those clothes we wear once and don’t want to keep in our drawers to mix with our clean clothes but also aren’t dirty enough to throw into the hamper!

  5. Hi Jess… I watch alot of organizing/decluttering videos on youtube and one woman suggested getting a door rack. They have the kind you can screw into your door or that have hooks that you can hang over the door. Then you hang your clothes on that, off the floor, or chair or wherever you have left them. The one I bought for my son’s room fits his door perfectly. The one I bought for my room is a bit wider than my door, so the door sticks a bit. I should have taken it back but I figure I will just put some shims in it at some point. Hope this helps!