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8 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do At Home This Weekend

Weekends definitely a time for some serious rest and relaxation. But it’s also a chance to take advantage of a 3 day weekend – and tackle an easy DIY project to give your home an instant upgrade (just in time for summer!) So we’re sharing 8 easy ideas for quick improvements that will leave a lasting impact in your space. 

Summer is a great time to get handy at home. The season is in full swing, and we’ve got a handful of easy updates you can make to every room in your home  (and even your outdoor space). With just a few supplies and a little determination, you can give your kitchen, bath, living room, or patio a real transformation. So give these ideas a try, and see just how easy it is to master a DIY makeover!


Keep scrolling to see our 8 ideas for super easy home upgrades (and the shoppable products you need to make them happen).


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Give Your Cabinets A BRAND NEW LOOK

It doesn’t get much easier than this simple switch! But upgrading your hardware can go a long way towards a more modern and pulled-together look, whether you use brass, black, chrome, or nickel.  And this DIY isn’t just for the kitchen. You can replace the hardware on your bathroom vanity, a dresser, or even your doorknobs (if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious). Check out an easy guide HERE.


Prior to purchasing new hardware, measure the distance between the screw holes on your existing pulls. (The hardware will list this as the “Center to Center” dimension.) You’ll ensure the new hardware fits perfectly by buying new pulls with the same CC.

Photo: Kreisdesign


When it comes to optimizing a tight space, multi-purpose is the magic word. And a pegboard can be an ideal solution for adding lots of valuable vertical storage. Whether mounted in an office, kitchen, or mudroom, a pegboard can hold just about anything you need to be organized with ease. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make your own custom board, or simply opt for installing a premade option. Check out all the details on installation HERE.


Be sure to leave at least 3/4″ of space between the pegboard and the wall to allow you to insert and remove pegs.

CREATE A Wall Mounted Art Center

Kids and adults can both appreciate this clever idea for keeping lists or getting creative. Instaling an easy wall-mounted roll of paper is a great way to create a spot for kids to make art in a bedroom or play area, or as a spot to keep track of groceries or weekly menus in the kitchen. And the best part is, it only takes a few basic supplies to bring it to life! Check out all the details HERE.


You can also use craft paper as an easy and inexpensive table covering, gift wrap or packing material.

PEEL & STICK A Patterned Floor

Does your current flooring leave a lot to be desired? Simply cover it up! You can lay easy peel and stick vinyl tile right on top of your current flooring and give it a totally new look (that can also be easily removed when you move out). From the classic black and white checkerboard pattern our Creative Director Brady did here, to penny tile or anything in between, there’s a style to work for every space. CLICK HERE to see the step-by-step DIY Brady did. You can also use peel and stick patterns to cover an existing fireplace surround or an unsightly kitchen backsplash too. Check out all the details HERE


Make sure to prep your existing floors (by vacuuming,  mopping, and drying) before applying a new stick on tile.

Elevate Plants ON A PEDESTAL

It’s no secret we love plants (and all the added benefits they can bring to your home). So for an easy way to display for favorite greenery, consider going to the next level with a pedestal.  A simple square column is a great way to fill a corner that would otherwise be empty, add height, or position a plant in a place of prominence. You can also display anything you want to give focus to – like a sculpture, vase or sentimental object. Check out all the details HERE.


A proper pedestal should be around eye level (48″) for optimal viewing, but you can go taller or shorter depending on the size of what you are displaying.

Design: McGee & Co.


Now’s the time to pull out your patio furniture and get ready for outdoor living.  But if your wicker, plastic, or metal lounge set isn’t looking quite as good as last summer, have no fear! You can quickly give it an eye-pleasing upgrade. A fresh coat of all-in-one spray paint can transform even the saddest looking set into a summer stand-out.  Check out all the details HERE


To keep outdoor cushions looking their best, treat them with an outdoor spray that protects against sun fading and repels water.

LET THERE BE New Lighting

There’s a reason swapping out your lighting is the #1 thing Bobby recommends you do in your home. It’s truly quite easy, takes an hour or less, and can have such a big impact. Consider starting with a light in a room that gets plenty of use, like a living room, dining room, or bedroom for a change that will really get noticed. Check out all the details HERE (including a video of Bobby showing you how to make the switch).


As a rule of thumb, hang a light fixture at least  72″ from the floor or 36″ above a table or counter.

INSTALL Some Simple Shelving

If you’ve got a wide-open wall…we’ve got a way to fill it with function! Simply add some basic shelves and L brackets and you’ve got instant storage (and a spot to display some of your favorite pieces). An office is an ideal spot for hanging, but also consider above the toilet in the bathroom or to create a compact library in the corner of a living room. Check out all the details for hanging shelving HERE.


Extending shelving from wall to wall will not only give you more storage space, but also a more custom look.

  1. I would so so love to have some advice from you!

    I have a pretty good idea of style, but not how to tie it all together. I am in So. Cal, and would love if I could meet with you.

  2. What about a link to build a pedestal!

    1. Link has been added to the post! Thanks or letting me know. xx -B

  3. I absolutely LOVE your design & style!

    But I fear your doable style is just not possible on a normal person’s salary in Hawaii. We have great views & weather, but we do not have great thrift stores & our local resources are super limited. I’m into a mix of boho & mid-century modern, but you mostly find cheesy, bulky Hollywood Hawaii furniture here. Anyone willing to ship something to Hawaii is going to charge an arm, a leg, and maybe some unmentionables in order to get it here…IF we’re lucky. Why is it that no design show ever does a re-design in Hawaii for the every day person?

    1. I hear you! Living in a remote (and totally beautiful) region can be frustrating when it comes to affordable shopping for your home. You may have to be creative and think outside the big box stores to really make it work on a budget. xx -B

  4. Hi, the link for the “install simple shelving” project is missing. Would love more details about what they used in this space (desktop, shelves, wall art, rug, etc.).